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What is a “Storytelling Jam?” Well, I’m no expert, but from what I can tell, you can expect the following: we at FESA are expecting ten “storytellers” at least six of which will be students, and the rest faculty and staff. Storytelling is both a participatory as well as performative exercise. All kinds of oral performance will likely be found, including jokes, myths, urban legends, personal narratives, maybe even a song or limmerick. The audience will be present to participate by adding a story, or in the least, giving encouragement to the storytellers.

This is the second annual FESA Storytelling Jam and I heard it was amazing last year, please come out and enjoy an extermely unique and interesting experience!

When: Friday the 28th of January
Where: 800 N. Indiana- the Folklore Dept. “Church”

Interested in being a storyteller? Please email the FESA president, Kip Hutchins at kihutchi@indiana.edu

Where and When:


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